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Getting portfolio-based learning at scale: top-down and bottom-up approaches

Thursday 22nd June 2017, 16:00 BST

Thursday 22nd June 2017Thursday 22nd June 2017


Joy Robbins, Lecturer in Academic Development (PDP), Centre for Educational Development, University of Bradford
Emma Purnell, Senior Learning Technologist, Academic Support, Technology & Innovation (ASTI), Plymouth University

Emma will talk about the initial implementation of a university-wide project, the Plymouth Compass Portfolio (including reflections on HEAR extra-curricular activities), which aims to give every student the opportunity to engage in portfolio-based learning. She will present initial evidence outlining the extent to which this approach can push change in learning culture from the bottom up by encouraging the students to drive engagement.
Joy will talk about the creation and ongoing implementation of a faculty-wide policy on PebblePad use which aims to get every undergraduate programme to start or enhance their use of portfolio-based learning. She will present initial evidence on how this creates change from the top down by supporting and pushing staff to engage.

This webinar will encourage participants to broaden their focus from portfolios at a module or programme level to thinking about the larger landscape of the university, ideally incorporating a combination of these two approaches.

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