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Webinar Series: Portfolios in professional programs - Midwifery

Tuesday 18th August 2020, 13:00 AEST

Tuesday 18th August 2020Tuesday 18th August 2020

Incorporating authentic examples of practice and facilitated discussion, our expert webinar draws on the experiences of midwife educators in our PebblePad community to show their solutions to common challenges encountered in supporting learners on their journey to becoming midwives.

In this webinar, invited presenters from three universities will demonstrate how an eportfolio approach is being used to facilitate the following processes in the Midwifery program: 

  • The recording of Experiences and Continuity of Care episodes tracked against individuals
  • Clinical Placement, including hours tracking (using a shareable AMSAT template), and Competency Assessment Tool. 
  • A whole-of-course approach with reporting analytics and research studies. 

Our presenters will also facilitate discussion about some of the issues, challenges and benefits of engaging with eportfolios in Midwifery. 

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