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PebblePad Workbooks in STEM – stories from two ends of the student journey

Thursday 30th April 2020, 12:00 AEST

Thursday 30th April 2020Thursday 30th April 2020

Presenters: Christopher Love, Senior Lecturer and Alison White, Senior Lecturer and Program Director, Griffith University

About the Webinar: 

Chris's Presentation: Embedding study plans and learning strategies for enhancing student success in first year

Student success and retention is of the utmost importance in higher education, particularly for large first year courses (>300 students) in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines which involve understanding complex concepts and navigating a high level of content. With an increasingly diverse range of students and a high percentage of ‘first in family’, we can no longer assume that students have the appropriate skills to successfully transition through higher education. Therefore, developing students’ metacognitive skills (through developing study plans) should be a key strategy for their transition through university. First-year biochemistry students created study plans in PebblePad workbooks using effective learning strategies, performance evaluation and reflection to encourage self-regulated learning and improve success. This webinar will highlight the need for embedding effective learning strategies to enhance student success, the creativity displayed by students, and the importance of student self-reflection to identifying their own strengths and weaknesses.

Alison's Presentation: Creating Digital Reflective Narratives on clinical placement

Students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma of Clinical Physiology (a 2 semester professional postgraduate program for biomedical science graduates) undertake twelve weeks of full time work integrated learning in the clinical environment as part of their degree requirements.  PebblePad was used by these students to create a digital narrative of their affective learning and behavioural responses whilst undertaking their clinical placement.  The PebblePad workbooks involved the use of structured writing by students which is guided by prompts to trigger reflective writing and regular feedback from the teaching team.  This webinar will focus on discussing how students were encouraged to create a digital narrative of their experience incorporating creative elements such as drawings to express their feelings of their responses to their experiences, and how this promoted students to gain a deeper level of self-awareness which subsequently builds resilience. 

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Special Interest Group Webinar - Degree Apprenticeships - CMDA End Point Assessment

Wednesday 12th February 2020, 12:30 GMT

Wednesday 12th February 2020Wednesday 12th February 2020

Topic: CMDA End Point Assessment 

Presenter: Emma Purnell, Senior Digital Learning Designer, University of Plymouth

About the webinar

At the University of Plymouth, we have been running a Level 6 Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) for about 3 years. In December 2019, we had our first group of students complete their degree and receive their Chartered Management Institute Apprenticeship accreditation after going through their end-point assessment with assessors from the CMI.

The webinar will focus on the design and implementation of our End Point Assessment (EPA) portfolio in PebblePad. It will look at the process we put in place to help students collate, tag and streamline the evidence that they would then attach to their EPA portfolio. Our portfolio approach focussed on how to present the evidence needed mapped against the CMDA standards within a PebblePad workbook in the most straightforward way we could for learners and assessors. We used a combination of collections, checklists and reflective text boxes to provide a structure in which learners could piece together the evidence needed.

The webinar will discuss the challenges and changes that we made to the EPA portfolio over time (and there were a few!). It will also go through the feedback we received from students, tutors and CMI Assessors on the process and the portfolio. It will discuss what went well, what we have learned and what we might do differently for the next cohort.

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Exploring High-Impact Practices with PebblePad

Thursday 12th December 2019, 16:00 GMT

Thursday 12th December 2019Thursday 12th December 2019


Gail Ring, PebblePad Director of Service and Partnerships North America and Sarah Chesney, PebblePad Implementation Specialist


We end the year by revisiting our publication ‘Exploring High-Impact Practices with PebblePad’. This will be an interactive webinar with lots of opportunities for input from the audience. We hope you can attend to learn more about High-Impact Practices or to share your expertise integrating High-Impact Practices and any challenges you may have encountered in the process. Christmas attire is not compulsory, but Sarah and Gail have promised to dress in seasonal gear!

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Special Interest Group Webinar - Using tables to manage hours and points

Tuesday 5th November 2019, 12:30 GMT

Tuesday 5th November 2019Tuesday 5th November 2019

About the webinar
This webinar will explore the way tables in PebblePad can be used to manage hours and points. Pull up a chair, enjoy your lunch and join us to see multiple ways of recording and reporting on hours and points. A take away workbook used in the webinar will be made available after the event.

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Responding to the challenge(s) of online assessment

Thursday 17th October 2019, 13:00 BST

Thursday 17th October 2019Thursday 17th October 2019


Robert Chmielewski, University of Edinburgh

About the webinar:

The trend of moving paper-based assessment online demands a lot from the people and systems employed to support that process. In asking why these workflows are perceived as complex, Robert Chmielewski considers the relevance of PebblePad in supporting such complexity.

Practical strategies that have been adopted at the University of Edinburgh will be discussed, including:

  • redefining students' journey in PebblePad for high stakes assessment,
  • feedback template optimisation for the double-blind marking process,
  • using ATLAS' Approvals tool for signposting the multi-stage marking workflows,
  • managing anonymity across different user roles and workspaces,
  • "how to put the cherry on the cake" - the importance of the ATLAS-Turnitin integration for marking.

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Portfolio-based teaching and learning in Medical Education

Wednesday 2nd October 2019, 16:00 AEST

Wednesday 2nd October 2019Wednesday 2nd October 2019


Paul Duvall, PebblePad Implementation Specialist (UK) and Alison Poot, PebblePad Australian Director


Medical education staff are invited to join us for a webinar exploring the use of portfolio-based learning approaches in medical programmes. Paul Duvall, a member of the UK PebblePad consultancy team, will present on his 5 years with the School of Medicine at the University of Liverpool and his more recent experience facilitating the implementation of PebblePad in medicine at five other universities. He will outline both the commonalities and differences in approaches to portfolio-based teaching and learning, the successes and some of the challenges. Paul and Alison will then facilitate a discussion amongst participants and invite others to contribute from their experiences. At the end of the webinar we will introduce a new international medical education SIG that participants will be invited to join.

Read Paul’s recent blog post, with associated medical education page and publication, for more information about how the current challenges being faced by medical schools are being tackled.

While the examples in this webinar will come from practice with PebblePad, the discussion around curriculum challenges and opportunities will be relevant to all medical educators. The processes underlying the examples will be easily extrapolated to other portfolio-based technologies.

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Using PebblePad to design and deliver engaging flipped classroom experiences

Wednesday 18th September 2019, 13:00 AEST

Wednesday 18th September 2019Wednesday 18th September 2019


Sarah Burkhart, University of the Sunshine Coast


The flipped classroom is a pedagogical approach to teaching whereby students are required to undertake self-directed learning activities prior to attending directed, collaborative learning experiences, and complete self-directed recap and assessment related activities. At USC we have used the learning phases, prepare, participate and recap to carefully consider constructive alignment. This webinar will showcase how we use PebblePad workbooks to design and deliver courses taught with a flipped classroom approach.

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Assessment, Advising, and Student-Directed Learning through the Integration of PebblePad into a Visually Impaired Learner Program

Monday 19th August 2019, 11:00 PDT

Monday 19th August 2019Monday 19th August 2019


Holly Lawson, Portland State University 


Please join us as we discuss how a program that serves teacher candidates across a wide geographic region preparing to work as teachers of students with visual impairments is guiding and supporting learners through reflective digital workbook experiences such as the advising process and practicum experiences which in turn directly inform both their scholarly ePortfolio creation and effective program assessment. We also identify strategies for developing advising workbooks that support both advisors and their candidates from matriculation through employment and discuss methods for integrating authentic ePortfolios to encourage reflective practice, peer feedback, and authentic assessment of student learning that directly connects to the program’s national accreditation standards.

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How can PebblePad be rolled out for over 30,000 students all at once?

Monday 1st July 2019, 15:00 BST

Monday 1st July 2019Monday 1st July 2019


Frederick O’Loughlin & Kabir Ganguly, Birmingham Digital Education, The University of Birmingham


Personal Academic Tutorials at the University of Birmingham are now officially being supported by PebblePad. This webinar will explore the practical elements of this large-scale implementation - focusing on some of the challenges and solutions that were found along the way.

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Supporting the Learning Journey after graduation with PebblePad Alumni Accounts

Thursday 16th May 2019, 13:00 ET

Thursday 16th May 2019Thursday 16th May 2019

Presenters: Gail Ring, Director of Learning Partnerships, PebblePad North America, will be joined by Steve Poulton, UK registered HCPC Paramedic, Sarah Willis, Accountant, Comedian and Favorite Daughter and Andrew Longhofer, Coordinator for Program Operations at the School of Pharmacy at Pacific University

About the webinar: This webinar, featuring a panel of graduates, will focus on PebblePad Alumni Accounts. Panel members will discuss their original reasons for creating an alumni account and the benefits of continued use of PebblePad after graduation. The webinar will also discuss how universities can promote alumni accounts to encourage PebblePad use beyond graduation. The webinar will present examples of use.

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