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ePortfolios in Professional Development

An event exploring staff and faculty uses of portfolio tools to support professional development and recognition



This conversational event is for people involved in supporting or promoting the use of eportfolios in professional development, professional standards and recognition, or for performance management, promotion and tenure. We are looking specifically at how these areas are supported within the context of staff development.

The event is chaired by Sarah Chesney who led the innovative Jisc-funded project Flourish at the University of Cumbria. Sarah has been working with electronic portfolios in this space for more than 10 years. Juliet Hinrichsen (Sheffield Hallam University) and Lisa Hayes (University of Bedfordshire) have worked alongside Shane Sutherland (PebblePad) to design a programme which will explore the varied ways in which portfolios can be used to support staff and faculty development. The programme provides ample opportunity to explore the challenges and opportunities of wide-scale portfolio use within an institution.

This event is generously hosted by Sheffield Hallam University and sponsored by PebblePad, allowing us to keep the costs of attendance to £30.

Date, Time, Location

Event expired
ePortfolios in Professional Development
Date: Wednesday, 15th February 2017
Time: 10.30 - 15.00
Address: Sheaf Building, Sheaf Street, Sheffield. The venue is directly across from the train station and is highlighted on this map.
Facilitators: Sarah Chesney



  • 1030 - Welcome
    Andrew Middleton(NTF) introduces the SCALE UP venue in the context of Sheffield Hallam’s strategic development of its learning spaces
  • 1045 - Programme Overview
    Sarah Chesney sets the scene for using portfolios to support professional development and accreditation
  • 1100 - Lightning Talks
    6 spotlights on practice encompassing professional development, professional accreditation and wider professional uses
  • 1200 - Thinking about an idealised institutional implementation
    Lisa Hayes leads a presentation and discussion
  • 1245 - Lunch
  • 1345 - Developing a joined-up strategy for ongoing professional use
    Juliet Hinrichsen helps us consider the next steps for strategy development
  • 1430 - Thinking about institutional challenges
    Shane Sutherland leads an activity on institutional challenges
  • 1445 - Reflections and Takeaways
    Sarah Chesney reviews the day, highlighting key learning points and signposting possible future actions
  • 1500 - Close

*Programme subject to change


Spotlight sessions

Spotlight 1

Using portfolios for CMALT accreditation
Pete Mella (University of Sheffield) will show how CMALT portfolios have previously been submitted at the institution using Google Sites, and a new Portfolio ‘template’ created for CMALT accreditation and the benefits this will bring colleagues undertaking CMALT in 2017 including the ability to create evidence “on the fly”.

Iain Griffin (University of Northampton) will display his ongoing CMALT portfolio and discuss the rationale for using the institutional portfolio platform; the benefits compared to alternative tools and reflect on his experiences of the process.

Spotlight 2

Using portfolios in a lifelong development context
In this session Esther Jubb will discuss the institutional use of portfolios in support of lifelong learning and development at the University of Cumbria – where they have been used for almost 10 years. Esther will discuss their use for PPDR, research bids, CPD activities and professional recognition.

Spotlight 3

Using portfolios to support a pathway to HEA Fellowship
In this session Karen Ford presents and examines the University of Sheffield’s HEA accredited Personal Pathway which offers individuals a flexible self-directed route to professional recognition by drawing on their own professional experience and associated evidence to demonstrate how their practice meets the requirements for HEA Fellowship: AFHEA, FHEA, or SFHEA. Applicants develop and submit a portfolio using a Workbook designed to enable Pathway requirements to be met while maintaining the flexibility for participants to present narratives and ‘artefacts’ of evidence that reflect the uniqueness of their practice.

After a brief outline of the requirements of the Pathway, a demonstration of the Workbook, and candidates’ approaches to development, delegates will be invited to ask questions, raise issues and consider the approach, in particular, how the affordances of the underpinning technology are being harnessed (or not) to support applicants to scrutinise their teaching and support of learning in light of the UKPSF.

Spotlight 4

Portfolios for Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) Revalidation
This session will explore the use of portfolios in support of the professional development and accreditation of Nursing and Midwifery staff. Specifically we will look at the choices the University of Bradford made in adapting the NMC Revalidation scheme into a PebblePad workbook and associated workspace, and consider lessons learned and success stories from what is now our second year of this approach. The session will focus on sharing practice and discussing what choices make the most sense for your institution’s enhancement or commencement of NMC Revalidation via PebblePad.

Spotlight 5

Linking appraisal to professional recognition and professional development
Many Brailsford and Juliet Hinrichsen assert that appraisal has the potential to link and integrate a variety of professional recognition and professional development elements. This spotlight discusses two appraisal pilots at Sheffield Hallam using PebblePad to record remaining in good standing (RIGS) for both HEA fellowship and NMC revalidation, CPD, and annual work objectives. The workbook will be demonstrated and plans to incorporate badges will be discussed.

Spotlight 6

The Reflection Toolkit: an online tool for recording, reflecting, and exporting learning and teaching activities
In this session, we will introduce the Reflection Toolkit, explore is varied uses, and explore ideas for further development. Participants will have the opportunity to try out the tool themselves (please BYOD).

The Reflection Toolkit is a simple online portfolio tool to collate learning and teaching activities, map them to the UKPSF and guide reflection. Users can log these through any device, are guided through a reflection process via a series of questions, and can quickly see their progress. The Toolkit can be used: to collate suitable evidence for HEA fellowship application; to demonstrate 'remaining in good standing'; to collate evidence for promotion on the basis of teaching; as general good practice in developing reflective approaches to enhancing teaching. However, it has the flexibility to incorporate other professional frameworks e.g. clinical, engineering etc. which means it has the potential for use across many disciplines.