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Embedded Employability And New Approaches To Assessment: Teaching And Learning Priorities For Higher Education Staff.

JULY 11th 2022

Monday 11th July 2022Monday 11th July 2022

  • Eight in ten teaching staff say it will be vital to ‘embed employability’ in the curriculum
  • 71% plan to fundamentally change their approach to assessment
  • 69% expect investment in learning technologies to increase in the next three years, but there are significant barriers to tech procurement

A new report from PebblePad - now available to download – unveils the most pressing priorities for teaching and learning staff in UK universities over the next three years. This in-depth research project, which spoke to staff across the UK’s Higher Education institutions, found that boosting employability, assessment and student wellbeing are the top challenges facing universities today and in the near-future.

Read the full press release here OR Get the report