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12 terrific ALT Conference experiences already in the PebblePad locker. Will number 13 be our best yet?

SEPTEMBER 6th 2018

Thursday 6th September 2018Thursday 6th September 2018

For the past 13 years, PebblePad has been a part of the ALT journey – even longer for company founders, Shane and Colin, who were presenting their VLE work at ALTC 2001 (Edinburgh), and who actually began chatting about building something PebblePad-like while at the 2002 ALTC (Sunderland) - no doubt over a biscuit or cake. And ALTC 2005 (Manchester) has a special place in PebblePad's history, as it was the event where PebblePad was launched as a commercial product. We're delighted to be attending ALTC 2018 in what will be the 25th conference for the Association of Learning Technology.