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Onwards and upwards - PebblePad continues to invest in its product and its people.

JUNE 30th 2020

Tuesday 30th June 20201/1/2100 12:12:00 PM

With all of the disruption created by COVID-19, you could quite reasonably assume that it has impacted on our ability to maintain forward momentum. But, no, the truth is that our team has grown during COVID and continuing investment in the product and our people means we are thoroughly on course when it comes to delivering on the PebblePad mission - meet the raft of terrific new people we've welcomed into the product side of the business over on the PebblePad blog.


We welcome Jenny Masters to Team Aus!

APRIL 21st 2020

Tuesday 21st April 20201/1/2100 12:12:00 PM

In another coup for the Australian team, we are absolutely delighted that Jenny Masters has come to work with us as an Implementation Specialist. Read Jenny's inaugural blog post to learn more about her experience as she discusses the challenges of moving assessment online and how PebblePad can help during the pandemic.


Our new video channel is live and full of pebblegogical goodness.

MARCH 31st 2020

Tuesday 31st March 20201/1/2100 12:12:00 PM

From the flipped classroom to extra and co-curricular learning, through to personal tutoring and authentic assessment, our new video channel, PebbleVision, is jam-packed with pebblegogical goodness and ideas inspired by the rather wonderful PebblePad community. 


Coronavirus – keeping the learning wheels turning.

MARCH 16th 2020

Monday 16th March 202012/31/2025 11:59:00 PM

As universities across the globe try to work through the challenges and issues presented by Coronavirus, PebblePad CEO, Shane Sutherland, offers up a number of creative ideas to keep the learning and assessment wheels turning. Read Shane's blog post.


From super-user to super-specialist. Say hello to the newest member of Team Aus - Jacqui Patten.

MARCH 12th 2020

Thursday 12th March 20201/1/2100 12:12:00 PM

We are absolutely delighted that Jacqui Patten has come to work with us as our Western Australian-based Implementation Specialist. With her 'can do' attitude firmly on display,  Jacqui reflects on the first few weeks in her new role in her debut blog post.


Global Ambitions Survey

FEBRUARY 28th 2020

Friday 28th February 20201/1/2100 12:12:00 PM

Incredibly, two years have flown by since we published our first Global Trends in Higher Education publication. Since rolling off the press, it's been downloaded almost 2000 times! In 2020, we are dialling up the power on our own 'ambition-ometer' and are hoping to go bigger and better. We're reaching out to all education trailblazers to take part in our 2020 Global Ambitions in Higher Education Survey.


AACU 2020

JANUARY 31st 2020

Friday 31st January 20201/1/2100 12:12:00 PM

This month we attended the AACU Annual Conference in North America. An annual outing for Team PebblePad, but this year’s meeting in Washington DC was an especially positive experience. The conference invited participants to share their practice focused on “high-impact educational practices, inclusive pedagogies, authentic forms of assessment, and pathways to student success” – aspirations which form the raison d'être of PebblePad. It was encouraging to see just how many AACU delegates bought into what we see here at PebblePad as being common ambitions for strategic development in higher education, and how every conversation demonstrated an unwavering ambition to deliver on students’ expectations.


We've done it again! The University of the Sunshine Coast and PebblePad scoop platinum LearnX Award.

SEPTEMBER 3rd 2019

Tuesday 3rd September 20191/1/2100 12:12:00 PM

2019 has seen PebblePad partner with more trailblazing customers to showcase their innovative practice and take out another Platinum Award in the LearnX Live! Awards. Sarah Burkhart, Dana Craven and Anita Hamilton from the University of the Sunshine Coast won Best Blended Learning Model for their approach using a flipped classroom model to support their learners. The team members teach in Nutrition, Dietetics and Occupational Therapy degrees in USC's School of Health and Sport Sciences. The LearnX Live! Awards are an international awards program that recognises multiple fields within talent management across the corporate, education and public-service sectors. Learn more here.


Demand for PebblePad in medical education is accelerating

AUGUST 14th 2019

Wednesday 14th August 20191/1/2100 12:12:00 PM

Medical education is a challenging and ever-changing discipline. As a result, medical educators are continually searching for new teaching and technology tools to prepare doctors for the crucial role they'll fulfil once they graduate. This short blog post from a new-ish addition to Team PebblePad, Paul Duvall, Implementation Specialist and resident expert on all things medical education, focuses on the current challenges faced by medical schools and discusses how PebblePad's Learning Journey Platform can offer solutions to overcome them. The blog post also contains links to our new medical education page and publication, which both contain several case studies (including an award-winning example) from the world of medicine and the healthcare sector. Read the blog post here


Customer stories - Blended Learning Designs in STEM Higher Education

MAY 7th 2019

Tuesday 7th May 20191/1/2100 12:12:00 PM

Ever since their inception, ‘eportfolios’ seem to have been typically associated with showcasing examples of completed work, rather than for sharing and receiving feedback on work, projects and ideas in progress. And while examples of portfolio practice have often come from disciplines like nursing and teaching, we have over our years of PebblePaddling (15 and counting) heard about innovative examples of eportfolio practice in many other disciplines, but often these have been viewed as atypical. How wonderful then for personal learning advocates and the wider STEM community to have at their disposal the excellent collection of use cases brought together by the superb team in Griffith Sciences. Learn more here