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PebblePad Case Studies

Bright ideas for creating and supporting student-centred learning journeys.


Our case studies page is full of stories of success. Simply use the filters below to sift through the pedagogical goodness. Alternatively, if you'd rather jump straight in, you'll find a collection of some of our latest and most popular case studies waiting for you below.

University of Edinburgh - Peer assessment at scale  banner
University of Edinburgh
PebblePad supports the challenge of selecting 200 successful applicants from around 1,100 entrants for the university's highly popular Go Abroad fund.
University of Plymouth - Competency in an optometry clinic setting banner
University of Plymouth
The Centre for Eyecare Excellence (CEE) at the University of Plymouth uses PebblePad for a new eportfolio approach to assessing clinical core competencies
University of Waterloo - Eportfolio assessment for professional competencies banner
University of Waterloo
PebblePad allows 150 practicing professionals external to the university to have access to the Master of Social Work students' capstone projects for assessment.
Griffith University - Professional Learning and Career Develoment in STEM banner
Griffith University
PebblePad supports Science PLUS, a workshop and self-study based employability initiative that is open to all students in the university's Science Academic Group.
University of Cumbria -  Enhancing Personal Tutoring banner
University of Cumbria
PebblePad was adopted to improve student engagement and achievement, by supporting and enhancing the effectiveness of the university’s personal tutoring programme.
James Cook University - Multidisciplinary Projects in Business banner
James Cook University
PebblePad is used to support an employability initiative that involves students working in cross-disciplinary teams.
Portland State University - Integrative eportfolio practice for all banner
Portland State University
PebblePad is used to advance portfolio thinking and integrative learning with students, faculty and administrators in their interdisciplinary University Studies program.
The Birmingham-PebblePad partnership banner
University of Birmingham
PebblePad forms part of an institution-wide digital education strategy to support effective personal tutoring and other innovative technology-enhanced teaching, learning and assessment initiatives.