• Innovation is the name (and home) of the game

    This is where our brilliant team has the clever ideas that delight our customers. It's called 'the innovation centre' - how apt.


Our Philosophy

If we take our brilliant team - we never set formal exams (although we do grade tea-making ability) but we do expect that the team collaborate, learn from each other, reflect on their experiences, and get the guidance they need to ensure their future success. 10 years ago we had the idea to design a technology that would fully support these practices. Today, we have it, and lots more besides. You might expect that we're a little proud of our achievements. And you'd be right.


My favourite thing? The PebblePad people – you’re accessible, personable, flexible, and a little bit quirky.

Bec Watt, RDNS Training


Why not have a look at our videos below.



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