New feature focus - integration with Credly badges.

by Richard Dando


New feature focus - integration with Credly badges.

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NOVEMBER 15th 2016· by Richard Dando


Integration with Credly

There's no disputing the fact that many students value the ability to add digital badges to their academic, personal and professional eportfolios to evidence wider skills and experiences. PebblePad users have, for some time, been able to easily link to Mozilla Backpack. We've now extended our badge capability further with the integration of Credly badges. The new Credly API will become part of the ever-expanding suite of PebblePad tools in version 1611 provisionally scheduled for release at the end of November 2016.

The integration provides straightforward tools to help a user link their Credly account to their PebblePad account. Once connected, a user will then be able to easily drag a badge block onto any PebblePad portfolio. We've also provided a bit more flexibility by allowing a badge block to sit at 50% of the portfolio canvas width, meaning a text block can also sit beside it (or indeed an additional badge block for those doing rather well on the digital badge collection front). We've provided a short video below to show you how it all works. Enjoy.

insert new block here
insert new block here


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