New feature focus: Capabilities 2.0 with Map My Learning

by Elina Lulle


New feature focus: Capabilities 2.0 with Map My Learning

~ Evidencing learning ~

JULY 23rd 2021· by Elina Lulle


The way the future employment landscape is going to look is a little uncertain right now, with many jobs of the future yet to be created - or imagined. For universities, the need to develop future-ready graduates with transferrable skills has never been more important. Most students are going to need a helping hand when it comes to recording and reflecting on their experiences, and evidencing and articulating their attributes as 21st Century graduates.

For students needing to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and behaviours, capability blocks in PebblePad help structure evidence collection. To scaffold learning, educators can use custom templates or workbooks to build frameworks - using capability blocks around the competencies, standards or capabilities that need to be assessed. Each block sets-out the learning objective, along with guidance on how to achieve it. Achievements can be recorded as they happen and receive in-depth assessment feedback in real-time from assessors.

Frameworks can be designed to structure a variety of learning scenarios:

  • Orientation
  • Onboarding
  • Digital Skills Analysis
  • Academic Skills
  • Employability

Or they can cover courses working to national standards issued by governing or awarding bodies:

  • Medicine
  • Nursing & Midwifery
  • Teacher Education
  • Science & Engineering
  • Apprenticeships

Over recent months we’ve invested an enormous amount of time improving the evidence gathering journey.

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The goalsetting and reflective practice facilitated by PebblePad made students more responsible for their own skill development.


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Introducing... Capabilities 2 with Map My Learning

  • The capability blocks and add evidence fields have a new look & functionality.
  • Templates and workbooks have a new mapping option, allowing learners to add assets as evidence more easily.
  • Evidence can be mapped to one or multiple capabilities in one go using the new I want to... map feature.
Image shows learner adding evidence in PebblePad

Capability blocks have had an extensive makeover making them easier to scan, read and monitor their status. We’ve also introduced a new mapping feature to templates and workbooks that allows learners to easily attach – or map - one piece of evidence to multiple capability fields across multiple mappable frameworks, at the same time and without needing to open each workbook or template. The toolbar has been completely redesigned with new icons for self-ratings, evidence, comments and feedback approvals.

Image shows learner marking competency evidence as being complete

As well as making evidence-gathering easy for learners, capability blocks also combine powerful tools for assessment and providing rich, real-time feedback.

Image shows feedback and commentary next to capability and evidence
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