British Swimming Case Study - Diving headfirst into CPD

by Paul Campion


British Swimming Case Study - Diving headfirst into CPD

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APRIL 14th 2016· by Paul Campion


Learning through technology

For British Swimming, the adoption of PebblePad was more than an exercise in using the latest technology for the sake of being innovative; it was about a genuine need to help the organisation improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA)/British Swimming is the national governing body for swimming, diving, synchronised swimming, water polo and open water in Great Britain. British Swimming works closely with the Institute of Swimming (IoS) and has accreditation from the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). One of the key roles of the organisation is to provide training and accreditation for coaches and teachers in a wide range of disciplines.

For a number of years British Swimming had been successfully offering bite-sized online coach development programmes, but it realised that in order to remain competitive it had to find new and innovative ways to cost-effectively expand its online course provision. The organisation saw PebblePad as the answer, quickly identifying how the cloud-based technology platform could be used to create an online personal learning platform where trainees could easily access online course materials, record their own reflections, and store any relevant evidence. The approach has provided significant benefit and transformed the way training is delivered, supported, and assessed across the organisation. You can read the full article here, first published in HR Director in 2013.

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With over 20 years of experience working with multi-national companies, Paul is PebblePad's resident expert on the business world. When he’s not consulting with organisations of all sizes on how PebblePad can help with the likes of talent management and appraisal, you'll most likely find him appraising his own game out on the golf course - a process, which, by his own admission, rarely ever includes the word "talent". Luckily for us he is very talented at helping customers understand how PebblePad can make a difference to their business.