• And we're live. Our new video channel is jam-packed with Pebblegogical goodness.

    by Richard Dando


And we're live. Our new video channel is jam-packed with Pebblegogical goodness.

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MARCH 31st 2020· by Richard Dando

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Team PebblePad is now over 50 strong. And since we spend most of our days designing, refining and talking all things PebblePad, you’d think we’d be ahead of the curve in predicting all of the ways PebblePad might get used. Well, actually - no, not always. And that’s because our wonderful community seems to have a limitless capacity for constantly blazing new trails in student-centred learning and authentic assessment.

Yet, with so much trailblazing going on, it hasn’t always been easy for us to share these nuggets of pedagogical (or pebblegogical) goodness, at least not in easily digestible form. Until now, that is. We’ve just created our brand new PebbleVision video channel. From the flipped classroom to extra and co-curricular learning, through to personal tutoring and authentic assessment, the channel has been designed to spark ideas to help you achieve whatever is at the top of your teaching, learning and assessment ‘ambition-ometer’. Especially helpful in the current climate when we’re all looking for inspiration and new ideas.

Below you'll find a preview of one of the videos, along with a link to the PebbleVision channel. But before you jump in and start your pebblegogical-binge, we'd like to send out a huge thank you to our incredible community - you really are the trailblazers and champions of extraordinary learning experiences. Too many of you to name here in this post, but we hope you and all of our readers here enjoy the brilliant video content you helped create!


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Richard is PebblePad's Head of Brand & Communications and joined Team PebblePad as a consultant in 2012 after working in a range of L&D roles in the charity and technology sector. On any given day you're likely to find Richard with a sketch pad and more coloured pens than you can wave a stick at, leading on all things creative and strategic on the communications and brand front. Richard is super passionate about all things PebblePad, and spreading the word about PebblePad and the amazing things it can do really has become his technology baby. Outside of work, he’s the proud dad of two happy, human children.