• The University of Leeds chooses PebblePad to support institution-wide learning, assessment and personal tutoring.

    by Matthew Wheeler


The University of Leeds chooses PebblePad to support institution-wide learning, assessment and personal tutoring.

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SEPTEMBER 7th 2020· by Matthew Wheeler

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The University of Leeds is an institution with an outstanding track record. It is ranked consistently in the top 100 universities in the world1, renowned globally for the quality of its teaching and research, and now, we are delighted to announce - a member of the growing PebblePad community. In this blog post we take a look at the new partnership and how PebblePad will form an integral part of the university’s digital education ecosystem.

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In 2017 we published our hugely popular Global Trends in Higher Education publication. It was in this paper that we first talked about a pedagogical shift from the domination of content and courses to a focus on student-centredness and educating the whole student. Since we first posited those ideas some three years ago, we’ve seen more and more university ‘ambition-ometers’ aligning with the PebblePad philosophy, and an increasing number of institutions and educators looking to PebblePad’s Learning Journey Platform to support the kinds of ambitions explored in our latest Global Ambitions in Higher Education publication. 

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PebblePad will be an excellent solution as a system to support and enhance academic personal tutoring, and will help us to maintain LeedsforLife as a sector-leading student support initiative.

Professor Simon Lightfoot, Pro-Dean for Student Education and lead for Student Experience. 

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The new 5-year partnership between the University of Leeds and PebblePad is testament to the university’s forward-thinking approach to digital innovation and a reflection of PebblePad’s growing reputation as a core technology in the higher education space. Indeed, PebblePad will form part of an institution-wide innovative Digital Education strategy to support personal tutoring and technology-enhanced teaching, learning and assessment initiatives. PebblePad will also play a crucial role in helping the university address the challenges posed by COVID-19 by helping schools deliver Welcome-Induction-Transition programmes in September 2020 and beyond. You can learn more about how these kinds of activities are supported on the resources page from our recent Welcome week and beyond webinar.

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PebblePad is a very welcome addition to our digital education ecosystem and will fulfil a wide range of needs from staff and students in the student education space. I am looking forward to seeing it in use right across the University to support the enhancement of our students’ education and experience.

Professor Neil Morris, Dean of Digital Education. 

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If you'd like to learn more about PebblePad, we've included a link below to our Learning Journey Platform publication and our 2020 Global Ambitions in Higher Education publication referenced in this blog post.

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Image shows a snapshot of PebblePad's Learning Journey Platform Publication

Image shows a snapshot of the PebblePad Global Ambitions Publication


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1. QS World University Ranking Data ® 2021. Retrieved from: 

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Matthew's last role before joining PebblePad back in 2009 was the Keeper of the Media Zoo at the University of Leicester. In our eyes (and our customers) Matthew is definitely a keeper. In his role as Director of Service and Partnerships (UK), Matthew couples enthusiasm with an unparalleled product and sector knowledge, which results in him being able to translate our customers' ideas into hugely successful implementations. Matthew exudes a contagious energy, which we expect is mostly fuelled by a super-human capacity for tea drinking, which a lot like his enthusiasm for all things PebblePad - literally knows no bounds.