• Supporting extra and co-curricular learning

    by Jodie Young


Supporting extra and co-curricular learning

~ Extra-curricular learning ~

APRIL 9th 2020· by Jodie Young

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Here at PebblePad we like to talk about future-ready learners – those graduates who stand out from the crowd by demonstrating a wide range of aptitudes, attitudes and abilities, across a variety of contexts. One way to foster these capabilities is to help learners capture and reflect on all of their learning experiences, including those beyond formal coursework. PebblePad digital workbooks are a practical and robust means of encouraging students to undertake new experiences and record their ongoing development towards a professional life.

You can see a terrific example of this in one of our PebbleVision videos - this one inspired by Columbia University, focusing on ways to support extra and co-curricular learning. 

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Columbia University use a Career Design workbook to support their employability initiative, which guides students in thinking about and preparing for broader career goals. We love this approach to facilitating extra and co-curricular activity and hope this example will spark creative ideas for your higher ed context.

Building our purposeful technology to support educators in guiding and developing their learners is what we do. Coming up with brilliant ideas to innovate with our technology – that’s what our community does. Be sure to watch the rest of our series of inspiring ideas on the PebbleVision channel.

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Jodie is Assistant Head of Communications, and Content Specialist and Editor here at PebblePad. An experienced educator, talented writer, and a genius at simplifying the complicated, Jodie spends her days planning, crafting and publishing content for the PebblePad community and wider higher education audiences. Outside of work, Jodie is a published poet, and in honour of her Aussie heritage (the lucky devil is based in Melbourne) our Head of Brand & Communications, Rich Dando, considered recrafting this profile into a poem but quickly came unstuck trying to find a word to rhyme with kangaroo. Unlike Rich, Jodie isn’t quite so easily derailed, and you'll see her expert stamp on many of our hugely popular publications.