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    Maintaining forward momentum - Team PebblePad continues to strive and thrive.

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Hello Trailblazer

Designed by educators for educators, our Learning Journey Platform is used by trailblazers across the globe to develop future-ready learners in an age where understanding the why - and evidencing the how, when and where - is increasingly becoming more important than knowing the what. Watch a sneak preview of our new PebbleVision series below and, if you like what you see, the rest of the pedagogically binge-worthy series (inspired by ideas and examples from our rather wonderful global community) is waiting just below. Enjoy.


Pedagogical goodness in video form.

SERIES 1: Ideas inspired by the PebblePad community.

From the flipped classroom to extra and co-curricular learning, through to personal tutoring and authentic assessment, this video series will spark ideas to help you achieve whatever is at the top of your teaching, learning and assessment 'ambition-ometer'.

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PebblePad portfolio

Showcase capability with portfolios.

Whether it's to support graduate employability, evidence professional competency, or support talent management in the modern workplace, creating beautiful, shareable portfolios to showcase experience, skills and capability is simple with the PebblePad Portfolio Builder.

What our customers say ...

"PebblePad portfolios stand out as little jewels of creativity and, most importantly, they can be designed by any user, without the need for specialised skills."

University of Edinburgh

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Make sense of learning with templates.

Learning can take place anywhere - online, in the classroom, in the queue for a bagel. The point is, it can be tricky to capture and make sense of experiences as they happen, and opportunties for learning and reflection often slip by. Unless, of course, you are making the most of PebblePad templates to record and reflect on any device.

What our customers say ...

"We use PebblePad to deliver and track 100's of courses. We chose PebblePad for its unique ability to track real world learning with continuing personal and professional development."

Institute of Swimming (British Swimming)

PebblePad templates
PebblePad workbooks

Add structure with workbooks.

Imagine mapping out a detailed framework for supporting placement students or designing an onboarding programme for engineering graduates joining a business. Now imagine being able to create those frameworks easily in digital form, share them across an entire progamme, and monitor progress - this is what PebblePad workbooks give you (and lots more besides).

What our customers say ...

"PebblePad helps our students reflect on what they are learning by documenting curricular, co-curricular and community learning and the relationship between."

McMaster University

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Build resources exactly as you need them.

No matter what the context or subject area, PebblePad's intuitive Template and Workbook Builders let you design and share resources exactly as you need them. From a single, reusable lesson plan template to a comprehensive professional development workbook, you have full control over how your resources look, behave, and how they are shared and collaborated on. What's more, you can easily update content in real time and push the changes out to entire cohorts.

PebblePad resources
PebblePad design toolkit

Make use of a powerful, intuitive design toolkit.

Whether you need to embed a video from Vimeo for your programme, add a placeholder for employees to upload media evidence for appraisal, or enable progress tracking and digital signatures for students' clinical observations - you can do all of this using simple drag and drop features.

What our customers say ...

"The availability of templates and workbooks allows us to introduce structure, without frustrating learners' creative exploration and self-reflection."

Duke University

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University of Birmingham Griffith University University of York
Monash University University of Liverpool Portland State University

Open standards.

We've always known that open standards are essential in supporting life-long and life-wide learning (two things that are very important to us). It's why Pebblepad supports such a wide range of integrations and was the first certified LTI 2.0 portfolio platform.

Open standards


Out-of-the-box integration with popular file stores as well as badging and learning platforms makes it easy for organisations to put PebblePad at the heart of a learning culture and offers individual users greater flexibility.

Google Drive Canvas Sakai Dropbox
OneDrive Brightspace Moodle Blackboard Learn
PebblePad on devices

Anytime, anywhere, any device.

PebblePad is all about recording learning and experience as it happens. That's why PebblePad works on any device and even supports offline working. It means the swimming coach, the trainee paramedic, and the aspiring journalist on an internship, all working without an internet connection during their shifts, still have the opportunity to record evidence, which can later be added to a module workbook, a competency template, or even just a simple personal reflection.

What our customers say ...

"PebblePad is very impressive. Clean, responsive, and HTML5. What's not to like?"

University of Northampton

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Free alumni accounts.

In support of our commitment to promoting life-long learning, we offer free alumni accounts to learners graduating from any of the educational institutions we work with.

Free alumni accounts

Every record of learning in a single, secure store.

The PebblePad asset store keeps every record of learning and experience together in a single, secure online store. This means a learner's personal reflections, placement journals, collaborative blogs, activity logs, completed module workbooks, uploaded media, performance reviews, feedback, and more, is always available to them. PebblePad can even collate records automatically to make it easier for learners to pull together records by type, for example - CPD hours or learning activities relating to a specific project or course.

PebblePad records aggregation

Improve outcomes with integrated assessment and feedback.

Supporting personalised learning at an organisation-wide level requires more than a little help on the administration and assessment side. Thankfully, we've got things covered on this front too. PebblePad includes a fully integrated assessment engine to facilitate timely feedback and conversations, as well as a host of clever tools to support formative and summative assessment, including integrated rubrics, feedback templates, scorecards, peer review, multi-level approvals and much, much more.

What our customers say ...

"PebblePad will help us achieve our ambition to move assessment and student achievement beyond grades. "

Spring Arbor University

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Monitor progress with PebblePad reporting.

What our customers say ...

"The reporting features in PebblePad have blown us away in how we can show graphically the stage where learners are, specifically in relation to clinically accredited courses."

Edith Cowan University

Reporting and statistics

I can say that the support provided by PebblePad is great - tailored to the organisation's needs, flexible, and thorough. These guys really know their products and having the technical side covered by PebblePad, given that they host the data and regularly upgrade the system, makes life so easy for us.

LMS and Integration Project Manager, Brunel University.

University of the arts London Education Workforce Council Wales University of Nottingham
La Trobe University Spring Arbor University Durham University

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