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1st May 2014: Maple House, Birmingham.
Morning event: PebblePad and the HEAR. Afternoon event: PebblePad and Personal Tutoring

On 1st May 2014 we're running two events at Maple House in Birmingham. The morning event will look at PebblePad and the HEAR with the afternoon focussing on Personal Tutoring and PebblePad's new offering – Flourish. Both events are free to anyone who wants to come and participate and we'll throw in lunch for anyone coming along to both the morning and afternoon event. You'll find details on both events below. Places are limited to 30 to maximise opportunities for participation and collaboration so please make sure you grab your place early. Please note the event is not open to students.

PebblePad and the HEAR

This half-day event will provide participants with the opportunity to explore the relationship (possible, probable and currently realised) between the Higher Education Achievement Record and an eportfolio system like PebblePad.

Jools is a student at one of those fabulous, forward thinking and innovative universities famed for its learner-centred policies and learning-centred approaches. Let’s call it the University of Happytown.

Jools lives a busy life… working part-time, helping organise student events, coaching others in athletics and helping out with the family business when time allows.

Jools is torn between a graduate position at an important local company, and carrying on with higher-level study. With competition for both, Jools knows a good degree may not be enough - that's why she assiduously records as much as possible about her skills, experience and achievements in her eportfolio. Jools knows that by recording and reflecting on her experiences she will be better placed to explain them to others – but is a little worried about the credibility of her self-authored claims.

Luckily, the University of Happytown was an early implementer of the HEAR and Jools is hopeful that the university will recognise some of her 'employability' and 'graduate' skills on her transcript, perhaps through its HappyAward. If the award, other verifiable essential skills and her union work is recorded her transcript it will really help her stand out from the crowd.

Of course, Jools won’t just use her transcript to 'sell herself' - she'll create a tailored eportfolio for each possible opportunity, rich with a narrative of her growth and ability and augmented by diverse forms of evidence. Some of the evidence will be authentically self-authored while some will be much more official, perhaps even tamper–proof like the link to her securely stored transcript.

If any parts of Jools' story resonates with what your institution is trying to achieve then this half-day event will help you think through some of the issues and challenges. We'll be there to explain what's possible in PebblePad – from recording single skills through to entire award frameworks; from feedback to verification; from stand-alone to fully integrated.

There will be lots of opportunity to learn from extant practice and to collaborate with others at the event in order to maximise your learning outcomes.


Programme subject to change

Date: Thursday 01st May 2014
Time Workshop: PebblePad and the HEAR - Registration at 0930, Workshop from 1000 - 1300
Location: Maple House, Corporation Street, Birmingham, B4 6TB, UK
Facilitators: Shane Sutherland, Development Director, Pebble Learning (and guest)
Price: Free

Personal Tutoring: Introducing Flourish

It seems that lots of institutions have been managing their personal tutoring and/or research supervision through a combination of Pebble+ and ATLAS. With the proliferation of more purposeful personal tutoring schemes we’ve realised there is a need for a more tailored toolset. Enter Flourish.

Flourish is being designed as a fully integrated part of the PebblePad system. It provides tools to support learners and their guided learning, for example:

A little more about Flourish...

Learners will be able to:

Guides will be able to:

When will Flourish be available?

Flourish is still under development and will be released later this summer. The event is offered partly as a 'show and tell' but also as a consultative event where participants can input into what they think should be included in the technology.

Provisional Programme

Programme subject to change

Date: Thursday 01st May 2014
Time: Personal Tutoring: Introducing Flourish - Registration at 1330, Workshop from 1400 - 1630
Location: Maple House, Corporation Street, Birmingham, B4 6TB, UK
Facilitators: Shane Sutherland, Development Director, Pebble Learning (and guest)
Price: Free

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