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Future Ready Symposium





Future Ready

Shane Sutherland, CEO and Learning System Designer, PebblePad

Download presentation (PowerPoint, 10 MB)

Working together: collaboration and group work through external consultancy

Emma Purnell, Senior Learning Technologist, Plymouth University

Download presentation (PowerPoint, 1.8 MB)

The T-shaped graduate in a digital age

Peter Chatterton, Independent Consultant

Download presentation (PowerPoint, 15 MB)
Technology for employability: Five dimensions (PDF)
Handout (PDF, 10 MB)
Jisc Report: Technology for Employability (PDF, 2.6 MB)

In addition to the full report "Technology for Employability", the following resources are also available:
Project website
Quick read version of the report
A document with just the HE case studies
A document with just the FE and Skills case studies

Student Led, Independently Created Courses

Professor Ian Pirie, Assistant Principal, Learning and Development, University of Edinburgh

Download presentation (PowerPoint, 25.5 MB)

Portfolios and the HEAR: a technical innovation

John Couperthwaite, Implementation Consultant, PebblePad

Download presentation (PowerPoint, 3.5 MB)
Portfolios and the HEAR: a technical innovation video

Future Ready? A recruiter's perspective

Will Shepherd, CEO, Cohesion & Debbie Edmondson, Talent Director, Cohesion

Download presentation (PowerPoint, 8 MB)

Using Technology to Support Employability: A National Review

Lisa Gray, Senior Co-Design Manager, Jisc

Download presentation (PowerPoint, 12.5 MB)

Video presentations will follow soon.