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Module H808 - 'The eLearning Professional'

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H808 ePortfolio - Homepage



At the age of 30, disenchanted with the 9-5 trudgery, I embarked on a change in direction and completed the post-graduate certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. From then I have enjoyed working in Greece for my first year and China for the following two. Wanting to develop my skills even further, and seeing the growth of the online teaching environments I began participation in further study in this area.


Now I am at the end of Module H808, from The Open University MA in Online & Distance Education course. Myself and the other students are asked to produce an eportfolio to support our claims for professional development. My eportfolio is designed to do this.


This form of self-assessment is new to many of those in education, me included. PDP, or Personal/Professional Development Planning, is the cornerstone to this Module and we, as a collaborative study group, have been involved in ten units of study aimed at enlightening us to the idea of PDP in eLearning. Areas covered included debate on what is an eLearning Professional, how is PDP related to the professional in this area, what are the 'best practices' for an eLearning practioner, and essentially how do you evidence your development to your peers and assessors.


It is not my aim to review the course in complete, close detail in this portfolio, merely 'present' a selection of materials produced during this course which will show the development I have experienced through these few months. The criteria for these materials is detailed on the following page, 'Criteria' and then the units are summarised in 3 sets, Units 1-4, Units 5-7, and Units 8-10.


Please directly view the Evidence Homepage for quick listing, or vist the 3 Unit pages for a little more background.


In addition to the H808 requirement for evidence showing learning, I have included the two assessed assignments (TMA) and the final examinable component assignment (ECA) which includes reflection on this eportfolio.


Opinions and suggestions are more than welcome on this portfolio, please leave a comment.

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Timothy Musgrave created this on 27 December 2009.
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