PebblePad for Professional Organisations

PebblePad's award-winning technology is used by professional organisations to design customised frameworks that make it easy to learn, collaborate, reflect on real-world experience, and evidence competency against professional standards. Impressive stuff.


Proven reputation

We've notched up more than 10 years' experience implementing PebblePad in large professional organisations, and we're renowned for our dedication to delivering first-class customer support.


PebblePad offers total freedom and flexibility to easily create content and frameworks that are perfectly aligned with an organisation's competency framework, removing the need for expensive, bespoke customisation.


Evidence from a member can be shared or submitted securely in support of multiple activities, such as audit or appraisal, boosting engagement by providing familiarity and continuity.


Simple licensing

No complex pricing models, no hidden costs - just simple, straightforward licensing for PebblePad as a cloud-hosted solution and peace of mind that your data is secure and always available.

Scalable & reliable

PebblePad is proven to work in large-scale professional organisations and we have a reputation for continually innovating and delivering what our customers need.

Collaboration & community

PebblePad supports peer review, group working, collaboration, and the sharing and dissemination of best practice, making it perfect for building a strong learning community.



Clever tools allow users to interact with content, add supporting evidence of their learning, and receive personalised feedback, all in a single digital space.

Learning without limits

The ability to learn and evidence anywhere, and on any device, offers limitless possibilities to develop professionals who are reflective, well rounded and perform better in their roles.

Flexible eportfolios

Recording evidence of learning is one thing. Bringing it together in a beautiful, shareable format is another. PebblePad makes the whole process easy.


Customisable frameworks.

PebblePad offers total freedom and flexibility to design competency frameworks aligned to your requirements. And with our flexible platform capable of supporting multiple purposes without compromising on quality, PebblePad offers exceptional value and provides your members with exactly what they need to succeed.


Reduce costs. Increase value.

PebblePad is a single, cost-effective solution for multiple organisational agendas and makes the days of cobbling together disconnected technologies and processes a thing of the past. Here are just some of the ways it can be used ...





Learning communities


CPD frameworks


With support for mentoring, feedback, peer-to-peer review, conversation forums, and the ability to share learning resources and frameworks through seamless integration with members’ Personal Learning Spaces, PebblePad offers a more resourceful way to design effective communities of learning and best practice.


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Life-wide learning.

PebblePad supports learning anywhere on any device and makes sure your members never miss an opportunity to reflect and learn by helping them evidence experiences as they happen - even if they're offline.


Supporting large-scale CPD


Supporting large-scale CPD

As the educational, professional and trade union body for over 50,000 members, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) adopted PebblePad to support the increasing demands on its members to show evidence of CPD for regulatory and employment purposes.