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PebblePad for Healthcare

PebblePad's eportfolio, learning, asessment and mentoring technology offers health professionals unparalleled capability when it comes to structuring and evidencing ongoing learning in support of CPD, appraisal, revalidation and career progression.



PebblePad's eportfolio, learning, assessment & mentoring platform has been nurturing health professionals for more than 10 years.


PebblePad offers powerful tools for designing robust, authentic assessment and monitoring progress.


External assessors and mentors can be given secure access to PebblePad, enriching the entire learning process.



The ability to support multiple activities makes PebblePad hugely cost-effective when embedded at the heart of an organisation's learning culture.


PebblePad's unique approach to timely, personalised feedback engages students and improves performance and retention.

Simple licensing

No complex pricing models, no hidden costs - just simple, straightforward licensing for PebblePad as a cloud-hosted solution.


Lifelong learning

Every graduating student can transfer his or her content to a free PebblePad personal account, encouraging lifelong learning.

Mobile & offline

Support for mobile and offline working makes PebblePad the perfect tool for professionals working in clinical environments.


PebblePad's versatility to support learning anywhere and on any device, offers limitless possibilities to develop reflective, well-rounded graduates.


Fully customisable frameworks.

PebblePad provides total freedom and flexibility to create customised content and frameworks that are truly fit for purpose, no matter what healthcare context.


Goodbye limitations. Hello flexibility.

PebblePad makes it easy to create customised and purposeful frameworks for learning, assessment, and CPD. This means goodbye to cumbersome paper-based approaches and expensive bespoke developments and hello to a powerful, flexible, online platform that offers continuity and works across any healthcare setting. Here are just some of the ways it can be used ...





Online learning

Undergraduate education


If knowledge is power - we’re giving you superpowers.

"PebblePad is giving me reporting mechanisms I didn’t previously have in place and the opportunity to flag students who may need extra support is invaluable."

Dr. Michelle Newton, Lecturer and Course Coordinator Bachelor of Nursing & Bachelor of Midwifery. La Trobe University.


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Evidence and reflect anywhere, on any device.

"It has improved our training and we can teach reflection extremely well through PebblePad."

Yangama Jokwiro. Lecturer in Nursing, La Trobe University.


Our Healthcare case studies


Delivering continuity

PebblePad provides the School of Nursing & Midwifery at La Trobe University with a fully integrated platform to deliver continuity for students completing the double degree Bachelor of Nursing & Bachelor of Midwifery (BNBM).

Promoting lifelong learning

With over 600 students, 15 teaching staff, and 25 clinical supervisors based at 4 major hospitals, PebblePad has made managing student nursing placements at La Trobe University significantly easier, and promoted life-long learning skills and reflective practice.

Online Spaces can reduce the hassles

As the NHS moves towards becoming paperless, health professionals should consider the benefits of using personal learning spaces for Continuing Professional Development.