Webfolio Editor

The webfolio editor enables you to create rich webfolios which can draw upon items within your PebblePad asset store. You can also edit and format text, add images and link to other items via the webfolio editor.

Help movies are also available on this topic called Creating a webfolio and Special Pages.

If you want to edit a certain page within the chosen webfolio, select the page and click on the edit button at the bottom of the pad.

This will open up a new double sized pad for you to edit your page.


If the webfolio has just been created there will be no text in the dialogue box, however if you are editing a page you will see the content of that page.



This pad will help you edit text, add photos and add media to the content of a webfolio page.


At the very top of the pad, there is a drop down box that contains all the pages that are within the webfolio. This is so you can quickly flick between pages that you want to modify. You can type or paste text into your blank pages. You can also add images, multimedia, links or info tips within your pages and against specific words or phrases.


To change the style of text in the pad is similar to editing text in a word document. First you need to highlight the text you want to edit and then using the options at the top of the pad you can change certain aspects.

Working from left to right the icons are:



The next sequence of icons are to help you align and format your text.



The next two icons enable you to add an image or a multimedia element to the side bar.


Add an image to the sidebar


Add multimedia element to the sidebar.


The next two icons will enable you to add a link or an info tip. When creating these you first need to highlight the text you wish to be changed.


Adding links/Evidence in your webfolio


Info tip

An info tip allows you to add more details or make a comment as part of the content of a webfolio page. When a person is viewing your webfolio, they can place the mouse over the selected text and the info tip will appear. This is similar to adding comments to an area of text in Microsoft Word or Excel.


To add an info tip highlight the desired text and click on the info tip icon. A new pad will open with the highlighted text at the top. You can write your additional information or comments in the box marked info tip. Once you are happy with the content of the info tip click the green tick icon to save.


The last 6 icons are:


Remember to save your work using the save icon on a regular basis as you create a webfolio page so you do not lose your work.. 


Note: Whilst the webfolio page editor provides a really easy means of creating web pages. It is not a complex text editor and so does not contain the kinds of Tools associated with word processors. You cannot insert graphics, tables or other components into the text.




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